Secret Garden - Constellia's last album

Secret Garden 

"Secret Garden" is the first Constellia album.

Containing Pop/rock alternative songs with a very unique sound, vision and universe (poetic, mysterious and modern atmosphere...), powerful vocals, wonderful guitar and lots of surprises. 

Visual Crédit : Claudia Mckinney

About Constellia

Hello, I am Max Enix author, compositor and singer of the Constellia project.

In hour so unstable and dangerous world, I wanted with my first album « Secret Garden » which will be released on January 19th 2019 (on any available digital plateforms and physical CD), to propose you an alternative rock music to the borders of progressive music tainted with pop music corresponding to a all new musical universe… Poetic, mysterious and futuristic at the same time.



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Latest news

"Secret Garden" clip

published on December 12, 2018

It is time to present to you the new Constellia video clip: Secret Garden from the upcoming album with the same name to come January 19th 2019. Like I said to you before this very poetic and atmospheric balad was composed for all those who dream of a better world.

For Peace and Love in the world. The album will be much more rock like the previous composition Candle of Hope but with many guitars solos, lots of energy, emotions and others... Many thanks to Dimitri Frank, the director of the video clip, for his professionalism.

Next date

Release Party (Colmar)

March 8, 2019

Max Enix - Constellia's singer

A release party of the album at the Grillen of Colmar (France) around 8pm. Information and ticketing coming soon.

Last video

"Secret Garden" video clip